“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”



7 thoughts on ““Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”

  1. You are so right! The paraolympics represent a group of people that face more challenges than many of us will ever have to face in our lifetime; yet they excel and prove their strength!!!

    • I am very glad that Erika was able to see the STRENGTH and DETERMINATION that these athletes demonstrate. What outstanding role models these individuals are! I am an advocate for any person with disabilities who strives to achieve what some may believe to be “the impossible!”

  2. Overcoming challenges and recognizing ones inner strength is key to these special athletes. This event allows those with special needs to participate in competition which is inherent in the human species, and be proud of their participation and drive. It is an outstanding program that needs greater publicity and recognition… perhaps with greater support from the famous athletes of the Olympics and professional teams.

  3. I absolutely AGREE these special people are true HEROS, they strive for excellence no matter what their handicap. I have been supporting special Olympics for years!

  4. Look in your own backyard!! Special Olympics?? A subject near and dear to my heart!! Just recently, my niece, Jennifer Regan, was awarded Colorado Female Athlete of the Year for her Special Olympic performances in swimming, track and other sports. To overcome the challenges of daily life is an accomplishment in itself for many of these young men and women but to engage in fair competition with their peers is truly an example of how much the human spirit can rise to the obstacles that most of us will never encounter!!

    Now a family member’s right to boast!!

    Jennifer Regan, Female Athlete of the Year (http://specialolympicsco.org/wp-content/uploads/Luster_-05-013-300×200.jpg)
    Jennifer Regan of Denver is the SOCO Female Athlete of the Year. Jennifer began competing when she was eight years old and has now participated in Special Olympics for 26 years. Jennifer competes in bocce, track and field, bowling, swimming and basketball.

    Jennifer graduated from Littleton High School. She has been a Safeway employee for 15 years as a courtesy clerk. Jennifer has participated annually in the Safeway Bagging Challenge, which kicks off Safeway’s People with Disabilities campaign each April. In 2011, Regan and her media partner, Mark Johnson of KOA radio, took first place in the competition.

    Jennifer loves swimming and being an aunt to her four nieces and nephews. Jennifer is a truly caring person, making her a leader and role model among her teammates.

  5. Excellent article. I believe many people base their initial, and perhaps only judgement of the paralympics on what they see in but a brief glimpse as you stated regarding your own first thoughts. This article delves into a lesser known sporting community full of its own spectacular athletes with the competitiveness associated with any other sport. Hopefully a perspective like this can get the public to embrace and focus more on these games.

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