Special Olympics Event at Marist

Special Olympics setup

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have Teresa Gilli of the Special Olympics New York-Hudson Valley Chapter post as a guest blogger on here. She was promoting a Special Olympics event that took place at Marist following the conclusion of the men’s basketball game against Elon University last Sunday. I was able to attend the event and came away really impressed with the various stations that were set up for raffle prizes, food and a Relay for Life table as well. The event was also a part of the capping project of fellow seniors, Melissa Meehan and Meghan Massaroni.

With that being said, speaking with Ms. Gilli was really what allowed me to see the Special Olympics from a fresh perspective of sorts after blogging about it on a weekly basis dating back to mid-September. It was refreshing to see and talk to someone who is so passionate about what they do. It was readily apparent from talking to her that Ms. Gilli feels very strongly about the Special Olympics and cares deeply about them and the athletes who participate in the various competitions that are held. She stood just outside the gym doors holding up a sign in an effort to promote the event that was about to be taking place. Her charisma and energy level really stood out with a constant smile on her face despite hundreds of people just walking by and not really paying much attention. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the chance getting to speak with Ms.Gilli and it allowed me to view the Special Olympics from someone who is so passionate about the games.

Here are some pictures from the event, be sure to take a look!

-Joe Fitzhenry

The food!

Food-SO Event


The DJ Table

DJ Table


Raffle tickets

Raffle Table


Myself, Rob King and Geoff Magliocchetti

Me, Rob, Geoff


Marist College Dance team showing their support!



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